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~ Lindsay. 18. Tattoos. Music. Flying high ~


this show seriously tackles all issues


How did you turn the tables around? I was the good girl with a clean slate and a straight path. Life had fucked you over by the time you were 7. You were a 17 year old felon. You didn’t have a family. Everyone thought you would ruin me. Change me. Well I’ve changed in every way I can. Good and bad. And somehow you managed to change everything about me. My heartbeats speed up. I don’t go a second feeling unwanted; even when I hate myself to my core. I wake up with your breath on my neck, your arms on my waist, and a permanent smile imprinted on me. I stare at your lips and I notice every curve. I look at your eyes and I get so fucking lost I sometimes even forget how bad shit is right now. I love every inch of you, every last perfection and minor detail. I’m obsessed with you. Your smell, your smile, your voice, your touch. And someone you seem just as crazy as I am. I don’t understand how I build a wall for 18 years to fall so far in love I have a second half. No bullshit. I open up to you, I treat you in respects to myself. I honestly forgot what it means to be all by myself. Even when you’re gone you’re hours away. Reason away. How did I fall in love at 18?  How had this year gone so fast? We’re moved in together, we got pregnant together, every emotion:good and bad, we experienced together. How the fuck did you turn the girl who didn’t even care about herself into someone who can’t function properly if you’re not okay. I just don’t even know.