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~ Lindsay. 16. Painfully normal.~
My shameful experience

The shame and the fear that comes along with your name. 

falling in love with a star with no shine. 

Beating wings never making it in time. 

Losing a breathe that can never get caught. 

Becoming an alcoholic succumbed by her bitter sweet wine. 

No escape from a pain that you love. 

Watching your rights as a woman disappear into dust

Giving your mind over to an evil lover

Fearing the day your horrible dream becomes a disaster

Desperately searching for a reason to live

Pain, sorrow, misery, are far better than numbness

Being beaten internally by a man like a mule

Loving the comfort following the shame

confused how love and hate can become the same thing

A hierarchy made possible by a willing victim

Brainwashing into a separate human being

Watching comfortably as your soul leaves your body

I will never again fall in love with a star with no shine

For the fear that comes along with your name. 


calm your shit barbie not everyone has white privilege like you do


everything’s changed. Haven’t been on in months. I don’t look anything like my picture anymore. This was like my entire summer and i’m not familiar with it. Kinda scares me.